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My courses prepare students to work in a wide range of data intensive realms such as healthcare, finance, government, and telecommunications. They also go on to work in NGO’s, scientific labs, start-ups, universities, and in cultural heritage organizations such as libraries and archives. My current course offerings include:

School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin. Courses:

  • INF 384M Topics in Description and Metadata: Theories & Applications of Metadata, Spring 2017.
  • INF385T Special Topics in Information Science: Literacy and Memory Technologies, Spring 2017.

School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, 2014-2016. Courses:

  • LIS 1315 Introduction to Mobile ICTs. Instructor, Spring 2016.
  • LIS 2224 Archival Access Systems and Tools. Instructor, Spring 2016.
  • LIS 2000 Understanding Information. Co-Instructor, Fall 2015.
  • LIS 2215 Preservation Management. Instructor, Fall 2015.
  • LIS 1315 Introduction to Mobile ICTs. Instructor, Summer 2015.
  • LIS 2924 Field Experience for Archives & Information Science, Summer 2015.
  • LIS 2674 Preserving Digital Culture. Co-Instructor, Spring 2015.
  • LIS 2224 Archival Representation and Access. Instructor, Spring 2014.
  • LIS 2220 Archives and Records Management. Co-Instructor, Fall 2014.

Department of Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, 2009-2012. Courses:

  • IS 438 Archival Appraisal. Teaching Assistant, Spring 2012.
  • IS 270 Introduction to Information Technology. Teaching Assistant, Winter 2012.
  • IS245 Information Access. Teaching Assistant, Winter 2011.
  • IS 200 Information and Society. Teaching Assistant, Fall 2010.
  • IS 200 Information and Society. Teaching Assistant, Fall 2009.