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submissions, surveillance, and the mobile gaze

I wrote a piece for RECAPS magazine issue 10.

Tumblr submission photos then act as gateways with more than one entry and exit point for examining infrastructures of surveillance and privilege. As gateways, they reveal directions of surveillance directed inwards towards users (by service providers, manufacturers, and governments) and outwards by allowing users themselves to document bodies in space, bodies that matter whether they are out of line or evoke desire. Despite the motivations for submission, many anonymous photos locate bodies in public spaces, and perhaps more importantly their mobility through those spaces. The tagline for MEN TAKING UP 2 MUCH SPACE is, “a classic among public assertions of privilege.” The tagline cues the audience in to the motivations for submission as well as the reception of the photos. If the mobile gaze supplants traditional expectations of surveillance, then public space, or the experience of being and moving through it may shift as well.” submission