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I visited Australia for the month of June. One of the first places I visited was Monash University in Melbourne. I met with Dr. Joanne Evans and gave a talk about research methods to students at the Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash. One of the big differences between PhD training in the US and Australia is methods coursework. Where most US Phds have a few years of courses and then exams, Australian doc students are tested on their method during confirmation (similar to a diss. defense but without knowing your committee).

I learned a great deal from my time at Monash. I was also able to meet up with some old colleague friends from AERI: Shannon Faulkhead, Leisa Gibbons and Joanne Mihelcic. Joanne Evans planned a holiday road trip and we had a great time in Ballarat at Sovereign Hill.