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Featurephone Episode 3


Two weeks ago I was a guest with Andrew Schrock on Featurephone, Episode 3. Featurephone is a radio show on KCHUNG that airs at the end of each month. DJ Lonewolf invited Andrew and me to come on the show and discuss recent developments with NSA surveillance, mobile phones, metadata and activism.  


The digital traces that we create when we use our mobiles phone are being enrolled in lots of different contexts–in corporatized ways for targeted ads from service providers; to big data projects that gather up collected digital traces across platforms; and now, for many citizens around the world, in domestic surveillance programs. In a post-9/11 era, the landscape and expectations of privacy and personal information have shifted. The episode features 2 other interviews with activists engaging with surveillance and personal digital traces. The first interview is with Fight For the Future which is an activist group dedicated to protecting internet freedom. The second interview is with a group of artists who are creating an art show around new aspects of surveillance with social media platforms and internet service providers. Each project informs people about the new realities of personal information and your rights to privacy in a digital age. Andrew and I had a chance to talk about mobile phone traces, including mobile browsers and the metadata that you create when you use your phone. Listen to episode 3 here and livestream the show every fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm on KCHUNG


Check it out!