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CSST 2012

This past week I attended the 4th annual Summer Research Institute for the Science of Socio-technical Systems in Santa Fe, New Mexico. About 50 participants from iSchools, communication, sociology, CS and HCI departments attended. The group was made up of doctoral students, post-doctoral scholars and pre-tenure faculty. We met each day for spotlight sessions to workshop our personal research projects, heard from mentors about being academic researchers, discussed methods, and organized theme-based workshops to work through common CSST issues. On the last day I attended a workshop on DATA!? which was awesome. As a group we developed NSF data management plans for two researchers with big and small data sets.

The mentorship opportunities were really great and I hope to meet many of the attendees again in the future. Special shout-outs to Katie, Karen, Lucien, Tom, and Alice for sharing their wisdom with me.

Many thanks to the organizers, Brian Butler and Andrea Tapia for making it such a rewarding institute.

Applications are usually due in March, so look out for next year’s call early in 2013.