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CCI Winterschool 2012

In the last 10 days of June I went to the inaugural CCI Winterschool at the Queensland University of Technology. It was a very amazing and moving experience. The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) hosted 30 early career scholars and doctoral students from all over the world for a week-long intensive research institute. There were individual presentations, research panels, methods workshops, and lots of good food. I met some very inspiring scholars who study new media, cultural heritage, and communication. I hope to collaborate (and write) with many of them in the future. Mentors like Jean Burgess, Jack Linchuan Qiu, John Banks and Deb Verhoeven were honest and encouraging about what it means to be academic researchers.

I also made a lot of new friends.

The hospitality and generosity that we were shown during our time in Brisbane was incredible. The Center staff, organizers and mentors showed the winterschool participants that a portion of professional development, whether learning from each other or creating new things, is taking the time to have fun together.

Applications for CCI Winterschool come out in January, look out for the next CFP in early 2013.